The books below are recommended as primary reading for Parent/Teachers.  It must be understood that the best teacher is one who is themself a good student, always inquisitive, always searching for more information, and looking for new horizons.

Recommended authors

Rousas John Rushdoony        Richard M. Weaver
Clyde N. Wilson        James R. & Walter D. Kennedy
Thomas J. DiLorenzo      J.I.Packer      Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

The Bible—the primary textbook for wisdom and knowledge

My TOP DOZEN are underlined

Books by Rousas John Rushdoony:

The Institutes of Biblical Law
The Biblical Philosophy of History
Christianity and the State
Intellectual Schizophrenia
The Messianic Character of American Education
The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum
This Independent Republic

Books by Richard M. Weaver:

Ideas Have Consequences
Southern Essays of Richard M. Weaver
The Southern Tradition at Bay


How Should We Then Live?, Francis A. Schaeffer
Advancing the Kingdom, Donald W.
Think Biblically!, John MacArthur, Ed.


The Seven Laws of Teaching, John Milton Gregory
Teaching to Change Lives, Howard G. Hendricks
Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, Douglas Wilson
The Underground History of American Education, John Gatto
Weapons of Mass Instruction, John Gatto


How to Read a Book, Adler & Van Doren
How to Read Slowly, James W. Sire


Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt
Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt-Manipulators, David Chilton


From Union to Empire, Clyde N. Wilson
God and Government (3 volume series), Gary DeMar
Nullifying Tyranny, James R. & Walter D. Kennedy
Uncle Sam’s Plantation, Star Parker
Who Killed the Constitution, Thomas E. Woods, Jr.


I’ll Take My Stand, Twelve Southerners


American, The First 350 Years, J. Steven Wilkins (CDs with syllabus).
The Patriot’s Handbook, George Grant
Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
The South Was Right, James R. & Walter D. Kennedy
John Witherspoon: Parson, Politician, Patriot, Martha L.L. Stohlman
The slave chronicals:
Before Freedom: When I Just Can Remember,
My Folks Don’t Want Me To Talk About Slavery,

We Lived in a Little Cabin in the Yard
Southern Classics Series:
Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company, Andrew Nelson Lyttle
Stonewall Jackson: The Good Soldier, Allen Tate
The Tennessee, Vols. 1 & 2, Donald Davidson
Leaders in Action Series (biographies):
Call of Duty, J. Steven Wilkins
Forgotten Founding Father, Stephen Mansfield
Give Me Liberty, David Vaughan
Then Darkness Fled, Stephen Mansfield
Reprints from Sprinkle:
Christ in the Camp
Discussions, Vol. IV - Secular, R.L Dabney
The Great Revival in the Southern Armies
Life & Campaigns of Lieut. Gen. T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson
Life & Letters of Gen. Robert Edward Lee

The Real Lincoln, Charles L.C. Minor
The War Between The States, Alexander H. Stephens


Co. Aytch, Sam R. Watkins
Lincoln Unmasked, Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Myths of American Slavery, Walter D. Kennedy
The Real Lincoln, Thomas J. DiLorenzo
The Secret Six: John Brown & the Abolitionist Movement, Otto Scott
War Crimes Against Southern Civilians. Walter Brian Cisco
When In The Course of Human Events, Charles Adams


Knowing God, J.I. Packer