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Arguments for home education

8 Reasons Why Your Teen Should Study at Home - author unknown

Principles To Consider - Rev. David O. Jones

Why I'm Not Cut Out To Be A Homeschool Mom - Kristy Howard


Arguments against the state system of education

Molech and State Education: an Inquiry - Rev. David O Jones

Nine Reasons For Not Using Public Schools - Dan Smithwick

De-worshipping Public Education - Karen DeCoster

The NEA Spells Out Its Policies - Phyllis Schlafly

Outsourcing Parenthood - Beverly Eakman

We Are Losing Our Children - T.C. Pinckney


Education - General

History, the Arts, and Culture - Gregory Wilbur

Judging By Appearances - Rev. David O. Jones

The Purpose of Education - Rev. David O. Jones

Salvation By What? - Rev. R.J. Rushdoony

Schooling the Spenders - Joel Belz

Testing as a Road Map - Rev. David O. Jones

Who Are We Dealing With? - Rev. David O Jones
First in Successful Education series

What Are We Dealing With? - Rev. David O Jones
Second in Successful Education series

When Does It Become True Education? - Rev. David O Jones
Third in Successful Education series

Where Are We Going? - Rev. David O Jones
Fourth in Successful Education series



Autism: Research Update - Chester J. Zelasko, Ph.D.

The Evil All Stars - Mary Frost

Is Fluoride Best For Children? - Claudia Annig, DC



An Argument Against Posting the Ten Commandments - Rev. David O. Jones

The Anti-Christian Battle Hymn - Rev. David O. Jones

The Pledge of Allegiance: Is It Patriotic? - Rev. David O. Jones

Believing the Unbelievable - Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Children and Justice - by Douglas Wilson

College Scholarship Scams -Scambusters

Duty & Robert E. Lee - Rev. David O. Jones

Flags & Sovereignty - Rev. David O. Jones

HCS Offers Two Unique Courses - Rev. David O. Jones

How Would You Vote? - author unknown

Is Islam a Religion of Peace? - Don Walker

Violent Video Games - Dr. Chet Zelasko

Why Christian Parents Should Not Want Good, Happy, Safe Kids - David E. Prince


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