Rev. David O. Jones

Two courses which are unique to Heritage Covenant’s graduation requirements are Worldview and Southern History (both one semester in length). Some have wondered why they have been included along with English, Math and other standard courses.

Worldview, by simple definition, is the way we look at the world. Everyone has a worldview. It is that set of values and presuppositions which colour the way we interpret facts and so arrive at a conclusion.

By example: two politicians look at the same problem; one says “A” is the answer while the other says “B” is the answer. Both have presented reasoned and logical solutions based upon their worldview, but the solutions are in total opposition because their worldviews are in opposition.

Worldviews have a major impact upon our politics, our churches, our families and throughout society generally. But we individually never give any thought to how we arrive at any conclusion or solution. Our thinking is hap-hazard and sloppy. Even as Christians, we tend to think without a clear concept of how to think or what should govern our thinking and decision-making process.

The Worldview course is presented as a means by which Heritage Covenant high schoolers can be challenged to think about how they think. The recommended text for the course presents a consistent, biblical, Christian worldview. Noone is expected to agree with every statement made by the author, but it should be recognized that he is being consistent. The book also presents a variety of opposing ideas and worldviews in contrast to Christianity. It requires the student to think!

The student who understands their own thinking and decision-making process will be better able to deal with opposing worldviews as they go on to college, or work, or marriage. A clear understanding of worldviews will allow them to appreciate the opposition while knowing why they are the opposition. An understanding of worldviews will provide the opportunity for better conflict resolution in business, in civic work and in the family.

A student educated in Worldview will have a better grasp of wisdom and under-standing which the Proverbs encourages.

Southern History is designed to give a balanced approach to the student’s understanding of American history. Napoleon said that the advantage to winning a war was that the victor gets to write the history books. Others have said the same with other words. And it is true. American history texts are written from a New England Yankee perspective which is biased against the South. ABeka and Bob Jones as well as every other major Christian school book publisher which I have reviewed continues the tradition of bias.

After years of reading and research, I developed a semester length course which is designed to balance out the years of propaganda imposed from everywhere else. My desire has been to provide balance, but at least I admit to a Southern bias.

Southerners have been portrayed by textbooks and the media in general as inbred, lazy, ignorant, and racist. The facts about slavery and race relations in the South have been skewed to the advantage of the Northeast. A serious study of history shows the ridiculous nature of the standard portrayal of southerners.

The South has provided a continuous succession of great political, military, educational and religious leaders during the four hundred years of European presence on this continent. The South also boasts greatness in literature and the arts. Nearly every genre of music which is recognized as American was born in the southeast – jazz, country, gospel, blues, bluegrass and rock & roll.

Southerners have a lot to be proud of and the course is designed to provide the facts for that pride. Southern History is a course requirement for graduation from Heritage Covenant High School because a true education in history requires a balance in presentation.